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WAAbout us

Inspiration struck David Wojcik early. "playing with Lego's is one of my earliest memories", says David. "I would save up to buy one gigantic space station set, just so I could have the windows to use on a house I was creating, I knew back then I wanted to be an architect".

Now a registered architect educated at SIU and UofW-Madison; thirty plus years later, David is the Owner and principal architect of Wojcik + Associate Architects, Inc.

Well versed in both the Building Sciences and Environmental sensibility, the care taken to create healthy and sustainable environments is integral in every project.

As an architect and academic, he has traveled extensively through China and Japan to participate in and absorb the social, cultural and political elements that affect the Asian architectural landscape. Having commissioned work overseas has allowed for effortless integration of Asian design methodologies finding their way into Wojcik's work.

His advice to aspiring architects, "go work for a builder first".