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Construction Administration

"Quality construction consists of more than good materials and good workmanship. If you do the wrong thing with the right materials and good workmanship, it's still wrong" (Lstiburek)

All the General Contractor has to do is build the building on-time, on-budget using imperfect materials, imperfect trades and under less than ideal climatic conditions. There never seems to be enough time or money, but the job still has to get done.

It's not easy task!

As an Agent to our clients' and through our Construction Administration services we acknowledge the contractor's ability to carry out the work as designed and qualify that the buildings we have influence on are treated as integrated systems that address health, safety, durability, comfort and affordability.

During the construction phase of a project the Architect has the opportunity to evaluate the construction to see that it meets the design criteria and to reject deficient work.

Below are some photos of construction errors, oversights and just plane lazy techniques we’ve encountered on our projects in the past. Without the Construction Administration services we provide, these construction blunders would probably go unnoticed until a larger problem surfaced. This is the time in the project these issues need to be brought to the contractor’s attention and dealt with prior to final payment.

Construction Administration used to be an optional additional service at WAA,Inc., at a time when we didn't fully understand the critical importance of this service. We have now adopted at least a minimum number of site visits for each project in our basic scope of services.