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Building Anatomy

As building science enthusiasts, we take considerable pride in staying on top of cutting-edge techniques. Every project we are involved with reaps the benefits of our continuing education and experience on building science topics. We combine building physics, water management strategy systems and design concepts with an acute awareness to sustainability in an effort to promote building construction to be more durable, healthier, sustainable and more economical than ever before

  • We are Level 1 certified in Infrared Thermography. Which means, through non-destructive means, we have the ability to pinpoint water entry, moisture infiltration and heat loss related problem areas within the structure.
  • Through our advanced studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering, we have the knowledge necessary to provide proven remediation detailing for most water entry and moisture infiltration problems, no matter where they are occurring within the system of the structure.
  • We are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), O&M certified with specialty in the Operations and Maintenance of existing buildings.
  • We are Registered Energy Professionals (REP) with the city of Chicago. A professional registration designed to address building science issues and promote healthier, more energy efficient structures.